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E-Com Seller Secrets

E-Com Seller Secrets
USA Expansion with Till Andernach

To successfully scale your online business, you can either scale your own online store or grow with Amazon. That's what our e-book "E-Com Seller Secrets" is all about. In six compact steps, we and our USA expert Till Andernach will give you the most important recommendations to get off to a flying start in the USA.


What advantages do the US market and Amazon US offer you?

How are you organizing your successful expansion in the USA?

How do you build your company internationally?


There are 325 million people living in the USA who are potential buyers for you.

In addition, the retail trade in the USA knows how to make excellent use of public holidays: Halloween and Independence Day are among the most popular holidays after Christmas and Black Friday. Depending on the product you want to sell in the USA, there is the possibility that seasonal fluctuations will even balance each other out through your expansion.

Alternatively, most online sellers in Europe often have no choice but to increase their investment in advertising or new products in order to remain on a growth path. Are you one of those e-commerce merchants who only sell through one sales channel? Then you need to be aware that you are exposed to a much higher risk of your business literally closing from one day to the next.

Your earnings could drop over several weeks due to a suspension of your Amazon account or because of website problems on your own webshop. Of course, this doesn't happen to every online merchant, but in our experience you should at least have a plan B in your pocket, so that a loss of your only channel doesn't mean a total loss of your earnings.

On the other hand, expanding to one or more marketplaces could help you. If one sales channel fails for whatever reason, you would have others to draw on.